Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.: Still unpublished ... years and years of personal diaries

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... To a nation, he was a compass point. Adore him or disagree with him, he spoke with a historian's worldview. The architects of the war in Iraq, he told C-SPAN in an interview that will be aired on Saturday, "do not know enough history, and they duplicated the stupidity of the Vietnam War."

At lunch, he said he was planning to write the second volume of his autobiography. Yesterday, a spokesman for the publisher of the first part, Houghton Mifflin, said that as far as she knew a manuscript does not exist. The working title for Volume 2 was "Unfinished Business."

Maybe he did write one too many opinion pieces and appear on one too many interview shows. But, according to his son Robert, who lives in Alexandria, there are more works of Arthur Schlesinger Jr. that might be of interest to historians and history: years and years of personal diaries.
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