Ken Burns: Hispanic filmmaker to join his war documentary staff

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PBS has hired a Hispanic documentarian to assist filmmaker Ken Burns with his upcoming World War II series, which had drawn complaints for failing to include the contributions of Hispanics.

Hector Galan, a film and television producer from Austin, Texas, will be brought in to assist Burns with the 14-hour series, which has already been produced and is scheduled for release in September.

Burns and PBS President Paula Kerger announced Galan’s hiring during a private meeting at a Washington hotel Tuesday with members of various Hispanic groups, members of Congress and other public television officials. Galan also attended the meeting.

Darting into an elevator afterward, Burns said: “I feel like we listened, had a fair exchange and are moving to a win-win, positive solution to the problem.”

“It’s fantastic,” said Galan, who produced the 1996 series “Chicano! History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement” for PBS.

Galan said he viewed “The War” over the weekend. There were images of Hispanics, he said, but no discussion of their role in the war or how the war affected their place in American society....

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