Mark Almond: Oxford professor says US and Russia may work out a so-called "great agreement" over Kosovo

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In the opinion of a British professor and Balkan expert, Mark Almond, one of the possible solutions to the Kosovo issue involves a "Great Agreement" between the U.S. and Russia on all unresolved separatist issues.

Such a deal would involve Russia agreeing to hold its nose over Kosovo independence, with the United States and its allies promising to look the other way while the people of Pridnestrovie and some other unrecognized countries in the post-Soviet space exercise their right to self determination.

The professor, who teaches modern history at Oriel College at Oxford University, is a Balkans specialist who has written extensively on Serbia, Kosovo and the history of the regions. He identifies several potential solutions to the Kosovo problem, including a so-called great agreement between the U.S. and Russia on all unresolved separatist issues.

He added that another would be maintaining the status quo, while a third would involve the West unilaterally recognizing an independent Kosovo, which would directly lead to a proclamation of independence by the north of Kosovo, thus complicating the position of the western countries even further.

" - Therefore, the current unsatisfactory situation is, in some way, at least from the West’s point of view, the least painful option. Whether the Serbs and the Kosovo Albanians feel the same way is another matter," reflected Almond.
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