KC Johnson: His book on the Duke lacrosse case getting lots of buzz

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It’s not due out until next week, but Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case is already generating online buzz — and big preorders (as of today, Amazon.com is ranking it 370 in all book orders). Written by the National Journal columnist Stuart Taylor Jr. and the historian K.C. Johnson — and with glowing blurbs from names like the columnist George Will, the ACLU president Nadine Strossen, and even John Grisham — it takes a slam at how academics, Duke administrators, the news media, and the prosecutor responded to accusations of rape leveled at several Duke lacrosse players last year.

At Cliopatria, a group blog of historians, Ralph E. Luker is calling it “KC’s Moment.” He notes, however, that at Scott Eric Kaufman’s blog Acephalous, the historian Timothy Burke finds the book’s anti-intellectualism “positively Horowitzian in tenor and substance.”

As for Johnson, at the blog he set up for covering the controversy, Durham-in-Wonderland, he’s now taking the Duke University Press to task for the “pedagogical slant” of its list, which he says publishes a disproportionate share of academics who leapt to pillory the lacrosse players.
Read entire article at Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE) (Click here for embedded links.)

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Timothy James Burke - 8/29/2007

Those are not my words. Whomever wrote this piece did a really bad job of reading the discussion.

Jonathan Dresner - 8/29/2007

I think CHE was relying too heavily on your post, which says "At Acephalous, our colleague, Tim Burke, addresses the suggestion...."

If they understood how blog comments and hyperlinks work, they wouldn't make that mistake, but I suspect that's where it came from.

Ralph E. Luker - 8/29/2007

There are two big errors in this CHE story. First, the words here attributed to Timothy Burke are not his. There are the words of Scott Eric Kaufman, who blogs at Acephalous. Secondly, they were _not_ said about KC Johnson's book, _Until Proven Innocent_, which neither Kaufman nor Burke have yet seen, but about KC Johnson's blog, Durham-in-Wonderland.