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The Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society has expanded its collection of Millard Fillmore documents, thanks to a gift from an area resident.

Harriet Scarry recently donated a collection of papers, documents and other memorabilia collected by her late husband, Robert, a historian who studied the 13th president extensively.

As a Moravia resident and former teacher at Moravia High School, Robert Scarry spent much of his life researching Fillmore, who was born and raised in the Finger Lakes region.

Scarry published the extensive biography, “Millard Fillmore,” in 2001 and was heavily involved with the founding of the Fillmore Cabin at Fillmore Glenn State Park.

Scarry also organized the popular bathtub races that ran during Moravia's Fillmore Days until 2000.

The donation consists of Scarry's entire Fillmore collection, including research papers, pamphlets, articles, a slide collection, rare letters, signed photographs and memorabilia related to the president's birthplace and boyhood home.

Also included are documents related to the Fillmore Cabin and the bathtub races.
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Adrian Popovici Ioan - 10/9/2007

This is a private project in Romania, by an journalist and historian call:Historia Universalis at http://www.adrianpopovici.eu