4 young historians singled out by Smithsonian Magazine

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Smithsonian's"37 under 36: America's Young Innovators in the Arts and Sciences," October, features four young American historians: UC, Santa Barbara's Reza Aslan, who interprets Islam in a modern and western world; USC's Daniela Bleichmar, who studies old botanical drawings to rewrite the history of the Spanish conquest of the Americas; Princeton's Kevin Kruse, a leading young historian of 20th century America's civil rights revolution; and Wisconsin's Jeremi Suri, who bridges political and social history to re-interpret domestic and international political history.

Jonathan Keats,"Wagner's most fascinating work was his family," Telegraph, 4 October, reviews Jonathan Carr's The Wagner Clan.

[HNN Editor: 2 of these historians have been included in our feature, HNN's Top Young Historians. See: Jeremy Suri and Kevin Kruse.]

Read entire article at Ralph Luker at HNN Blog, Cliopatria

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