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Amid a backdrop of tensions at Wayne State University over the Middle East, historian Daniel Pipes said Islam needs to reform and called for Israel to get tough with Palestinian extremists.

Pipes, who was repeatedly interrupted by protesters, spoke Monday in measured tones at the university in front of a crowd of about 120. Sponsored by pro-Israeli groups, his trip to Michigan included a scheduled talk Monday night at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

"So long as your enemy is trying to kill you, peace, negotiations, compromises, concessions don't have much purpose," Pipes said at Wayne State. "It is only when that enemy is no longer trying to kill you ... that you can in fact reach an agreement."

The founder and head of the Philadelphia-based think tank Middle East Forum, Pipes advises the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Pipes has long warned about the threat of Islamic extremism, drawing criticism from some Muslim and Arab-American groups.

During his talk Monday, people in the crowd often shouted out hostile comments. One man was ejected after he ignored repeated warnings to quit interrupting.
The event was the latest in a series of conflicts at Wayne State over the past year on Mideast issues. Some flyers advertising Pipes' visit had been ripped down, organizers said....

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