David Starkey: Tells Queen ... You're history

Historians in the News

The Queen was left lost for words after a TV historian collecting his CBE told her that she would be the subject of his new programme.

David Starkey, who was being honoured for services to history, reported that the Queen "asked 'Are you doing any more programmes?'

"I said 'Yes Ma'am. On you.'"

He went on to say that the Queen, who is perhaps more used to having subjects than being one, looked a "a bit blank" at the news.

"I told her it was quite complimentary", said Starkey, who has famously chronicled the lives of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I in documentaries as well as presenting the history of Britain's kings and queens in his series Monarchy.

"It was quite a curious exchange", he added.

Asked for his feelings on receiving the award, he said that he was delighted and "faintly smug".

"It's like getting a prize at school. There's something very nice about it.

"We all like recognition".
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