Victor Davis Hanson: Leftwing blogger launches series critical of his work

Historians in the News

Five years ago, our colleague, Chris Bray, published his blistering review of Victor Davis Hanson's Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise of Western Power,"Torturing History: A military historian abuses the past," Reason, April 2002. It's time, again, to buckle your seatbelts and pass the popcorn. LTC Bob Bateman's"Bateman on Hanson: An Altercation Altercation," Altercation, 22 October, launches a series about Hanson's work. A historian, who is a commissioned officer in the Army Airborne Rangers and teaches in Georgetown University's Security Studies Program, Bateman will mince no words. He promises to"take down one of the most profound perverts of the historical record in the modern era, Mr. Victor Davis Hanson." He is"... the worst sort of polemicist: one who claims academic credentials as a neutral observer, but then insidiously inserts political interpretations of his own present-day biases into the historical record." Bateman will argue that Hanson's"signal personal work," Carnage and Culture,"is a pile of poorly constructed, deliberately misleading, intellectually dishonest feces." (Sic)

Read entire article at Ralph Luker at HNN blog, Cliopatria

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