David Rattray: New developments in murder trial of his alleged assailants

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Another man convicted for the murder of historian David Rattray has testified against two other alleged accomplices on trial in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

Simphiwe Ndlovu and Zibonele Mpanza are being tried for the murder of the world-renowned historian who was killed in January last year. The State says a gang of six armed men went to Rattray's Fugitive Drift Lodge home in northern KwaZulu-Natal to rob him. He was shot three times and died at the scene.

Thembinkosi Ndlovu was the second convict in the Rattray murder to testify as a state witness after Zwelihle Mtshali. In the witness box, the softly spoken 22-year-old avoided eye contact with anyone in court and hardly looked in the direction of the two accused. He told the court that Mpanza had told them that there was money at the Rattray house when they first came up with a plan to rob him. He said later he found out that Mpanza used to work at Rattray's lodge. He told the court that Mpanza, Sibusiso "Fethe" Nkwanyana and himself went to the lodge to check it out before the plan was executed. He testified to Ndlovu also being present when the plan was hatched.
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