Andrei Cherny: Historian uses innovative approach to sell his book

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Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues:

Three weeks after publication, The Candy Bombers continues...to take off. Sales and buzz are continuing to grow. What I've heard back from old and new friends is that some people like it as a history of an exciting and largely unknown moment in our past, others as a story with some very memorable characters, and still others for its contemporary resonance as a reminder of when America was doing the right things as a country and was beloved for it by people around the world. For excerpts, photos, book blog, and other information, check out: www.thecandybombers.com.

But now The Candy Bombers is about to get its toughest test: I'll be going one-on-one with Stephen Colbert on "The Colbert Report" this Thursday, May 15. Wish me luck...I'll need it. Check local listings.

Thanks to all who've read the book and have let me know what you think. If you haven't gotten your own copy yet, I'm so sure you'll like it that I'm offering a money back guarantee. (Even if you don't read it, the book makes an excellent paperweight or dining room centerpiece). And remember, while Scurvy Awareness Day has passed, Father's Day, Graduation Day, and National Hamburger Day are fast approaching: http://thecandybombers.com/cherny-buy.htm

The book has been lucky enough to receive some generous praise and reviews: from the Washington Post express ("everything one could want from a work of history - engrossing, informative and stirring"), the Dallas Morning News ("a successful work of popular history...an enjoyable, timely narrative"), Kirkus Reviews ("writing with the flair of a novelist"), Walter Isaacson ("an exciting, inspiring, and wonderfully-written book"), and Douglas Brinkley ("reminds me of Stephen Ambrose at his best.")
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