Thomas Paterson: Foreign relations historian wins achievement award

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Thomas Paterson, professor emeritus of history, is the recipient of a lifetime achievement award.

He is the 2008 winner of the Norman and Laura Graebner Award from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, the premier professional association for diplomatic history. The award will be given at the annual meeting of the society at Ohio State University on June 28.

The prize recognizes a senior historian of United States foreign relations who has significantly contributed to the development of the field through scholarship, teaching and/or service, during his or her career.

President Michael J. Hogan, also a historian, praised Paterson for his work.

“Over a long and distinguished career, Tom has been a prolific author of many books and articles, including a book we edited together,” Hogan says.

“He was an extremely popular undergraduate teacher, and the mentor of many successful graduate students, including one who now holds the professorship I used to hold at Ohio State. He has also been a leader in our professional association, which is now honoring him with its Distinguished Service Award.”

Paterson joined the UConn faculty in 1967 and retired in 1997. During that time he worked with more than 30 doctoral students who have become teacher-scholars and public servants.
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