Conrad Black: In Prison--But still writing!

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A six-and-a-half year prison term for mail fraud and obstruction of justice is not keeping Conrad Black, a Canadian born media mogul and member of the British House of Lords, away from writing.

Besides his now infamous role at Hollinger International Inc., Black is also the author of biographies on Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon. With prison on his itinerary, the fate of Black’s writing was in question.

According to The Canadian Press, the Florida low-security prison, where Black currently resides, does not have access to computers. To continue his writing while in prison, Black will be forced to take up the old fashion style of pen and paper, though it might not be a stretch for him as he reportedly wrote his memoir in such a way.

Black began his term at on March 3, 2008 and has since published four articles in The New York Sun on topics about Iraq, Europe, and France. In an article that appeared on June 9, 2008 in The New York Sun, Black explored the 40th anniversary of a student uprising in France that led to an important Charles de Gaulle address.

"The year 1968 was a tempestuous time of upheavals, invasion (Czechoslovakia), and assassinations (Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy). The collapse of constitutional government in France would have been a disaster for the West. It is not the mindless posturings of the misplaced youth of the superannuated left that should be celebrated now, but the salvation of France as a functioning democracy and the phoenix-like survival of the figure who was then the West's greatest statesman."

The Sun, founded in 2002 with support from investors like Black, has remained in alliances with its investor and friend, allowing him to write articles on a variety of topics.

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