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Historians in the News

The AHA annual conference is the first in the world where you can watch Historians TV – the new online television channel dedicated to historians’ news and views.

We’ll be screening a new special episode each and every day of the conference. You can watch around the conference, in your hotel room and online here.

Whether it’s a workshop, debate or speech, Historians TV will be there to cover all the important issues that emerge. You’ll also be able to watch exclusive reports produced especially for the conference from organizations across the United States who are leading the way in the industry.

And remember, you’re the stars!

The Historians TV team will be touring the exhibition and conference to get your views about what you feel on various issues. Comment on speakers and sessions you’ve just attended, and let us know what parts of the conference you are looking forward to.

Visit us at our booth on the 3rd Floor promenade for more information and we look forward to speaking with you then!
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