Joseph Massad might or might not have tenure

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Reported rumors have spread that Middle East and Asian languages and cultures professor Joseph Massad will be granted tenure.

Yet despite the chatter, most notably reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education on Wednesday, the outcome of the controversial Palestinian scholar’s tenure process remains to be seen and the review has not concluded. The Chronicle’s blog stated that a “professor in the department who did not want to be named said word on the grapevine within the department is that Mr. Massad will be awarded tenure.”

Columbia officials would not confirm, deny, or comment on the status of the confidential tenure process. The committee of faculty responsible for reviewing Massad’s tenure petition—none of whom, according to University policy, are members of his own department—were unavailable to or declined to speak.

Massad, who is in his second round of tenure review consideration, is currently abroad in Egypt and could not be reached for comment. Other members of the MEALAC department declined to comment or were unavailable.

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