• Politicians, not Migrants, are Fueling the Pandemic's Resurgence

    by Randa Tawil

    At the height of colonialism, European governments rejected calls for quarantine to keep global commerce humming, and blamed supposedly unsanitary local populations for the inevitable spread of cholera. Governors in some US states are repeating this mistake today. 

  • Nevada Judge: Major Immigration Law is Too Racist to Remain in Force

    The history of legislative debate over the Undesirable Aliens Act of 1929 was a factor in demonstrating that a law criminalizing reentering the US after being deported was intended to discriminate against ethnic Mexicans and violates the Constitution. 

  • Nativism Has Thwarted American Refugee Resettlement Before

    by E. Kyle Romero

    Political hostility toward the Bolshevik revolution and anti-Asian racism were among the factors that prevented the resettlement of World War I refugees in the United States, leaving their care to Eurpoean nations wracked by war. 

  • The Migration Crisis is a Gendered Violence Crisis

    by Laura Briggs and María Josefina Saldaña-Portillo

    Central American women are frequently pushed to migrate by the threat of sexual violence. American policy inflicts further gendered harm through family separation and border militarization. 

  • The Border Patrol Helped Create the "Browning" of America

    The family story of historian Mireya Loza and her father Pedro illustrates an irony of militarized border enforcement: Labor migrants who once contemplated returning to Mexico or Central America were forced to stay in the US and raise American families.

  • Migration Is Not the Crisis

    by Aviva Chomsky

    Migration from Central America is rooted in American support for exploitative oligarchies and export-oriented industry under the guises of anticommunism and economic development. 

  • The Root Cause of Central American Migration? The United States

    by Aviva Chomsky

    Joe Biden's pledge to pay attention to the conditions in Central America that are driving migration is a good start, but policy needs to be based in a recognition that those conditions have been created by the economic and military influence of the United States. 

  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s #Pride Tweet Conceals a Violent History

    by Jessica Ordaz and Alejandra Portillos

    "ICE’s message, that immigration enforcement and LGBTQ equality can be compatible, is dangerous because it conceals a violent history of immigration enforcement that has targeted and harmed LGBTQ people in the name of policing borders."

  • As Immigration Politics Changed, So Did "In the Heights"

    by A. K. Sandoval-Strausz

    The film release of Lin-Manuel Miranda's "In the Heights" reflects the way the show has evolved in response to the shifting politics of immigration and nativism in the United States. 

  • There’s No LGBTQ Pride Without Immigrants

    by Julio Capó, Jr.

    Today's LGBTQ movement must recall its roots in the defense of marginalized groups against state power. Today, LGBTQ immigrants including the undocumented are among the most vulnerable.