• Why We are Still Debating Birthright Citizenship

    by Martha S. Jones

    Opposition to birthright citizenship has, historically and today, reflected opposition to the idea of equal membership in the political community of the nation and has been inextricable from the idea that white Americans should be privileged citizens, argues the leading historian of the subject. 

  • Does Germany's Holocaust Education Give Cover to Nativism?

    The anti-antisemitism of German Holocaust education is based on the implicit premise that immigrants will identify with a sense of shame held by ethnic Germans. If those immigrants ask instead whether contemporary nativism could result in their own persecution, it is seen as a sign of their non-Germanness. 

  • Violence and the Unmaking of Asian-American Exceptionalism

    by Gaiutra Bahadur

    A series of violent anti-Asian attacks in the author's community during the 1990s underscores the debt Asian Americans owe to the African American movements for emancipation and civil rights, and the need for cross-racial solidarity in the face of racist oppression. 

  • It's Not Trump's GOP, it's Pat Buchanan's

    by Nicole Hemmer

    Republicans have come around to Pat Buchanan's vision of a hard-right, pessimistic and grievance-driven party. The question now is whether they will soften that vision in pursuit of a majority of voters, or try to keep power as a minority party. 

  • How Disinformation Powers Vigilantism

    Right wing misinformation has linked the nation's borders with race war discourse that encourages vigilantism, according to historian Carly Goodman. 

  • The Dangerous “Patriotism” of the January 6 Insurrection

    by Ben Railton

    The participants in the attack on the Capitol a year ago reflected a "mythic patriotism" founded on the belief in an authentic, white, Christian nation under attack by enemies dangerous enough to justify any measures in opposition. 

  • Racist "Replacement" Theory Goes Mainstream

    "White replacement theory" posits the existence of a plot to change America's racial composition by methodically enacting policies that reduce white Americans' political power. It's moved from the fringes of the hard right to the mainstream of conservative media and some Republican politicians. 

  • Politicians, not Migrants, are Fueling the Pandemic's Resurgence

    by Randa Tawil

    At the height of colonialism, European governments rejected calls for quarantine to keep global commerce humming, and blamed supposedly unsanitary local populations for the inevitable spread of cholera. Governors in some US states are repeating this mistake today. 

  • Nativism Has Thwarted American Refugee Resettlement Before

    by E. Kyle Romero

    Political hostility toward the Bolshevik revolution and anti-Asian racism were among the factors that prevented the resettlement of World War I refugees in the United States, leaving their care to Eurpoean nations wracked by war.