• We Are Living in a Red Spring

    by Robert Greene II

    In the Red Summer of 1919, racist violence hit America as the Spanish flu ravaged the country. With mass protests against police murders sweeping the pandemic-plagued United States, it appears we might be now living in a Red Spring.

  • The Minneapolis Uprising in Context

    by Elizabeth Hinton

    It's necessary to understand anti-police rebellion as a form of political protest among people without the resources to express discontent in more socially accepted ways. 

  • The Fire This Time

    by Jeet Heer

    These two crucial differences—the fact that a Republican is presiding over the chaos and that the opposition to police violence is racially diverse—open the possibility for a better outcome than in 1968.

  • Let’s Be Inspired by True Past Leadership

    by Walter G. Moss

    Rather than inspiring us Americans to continue our fight against that main evil of our time, the coronavirus, President Trump encourages citizens to “liberate” their states from governors who have had enough sense to follow public-health guidelines that will save lives.