2020 Election

  • This is the Biggest Election in 160 Years

    by Manisha Sinha

    "The one underlying commonality that binds these two historic presidential elections is the conviction that it is American democracy -- rather than just opposing presidential candidates -- that is on the ballot."

  • Throughline: How We Vote

    In this episode, the process of voting; how it was originally designed, who it was intended for, moments in our country's history when we reimagined it altogether, and what we're left with today.

  • The American Contest: Featuring Heather Cox Richardson (Podcast)

    Regardless of the outcome of the election, the Supreme Court has already entered a new era. Dahlia Lithwick is joined by Heather Cox Richardson for a big-picture conversation about what that means: minority rule and the court’s role, past and present, in changing visions of democracy. 

  • Don’t Reboot the 2016 Horror Show

    by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw

    Avoiding the subject of the racist and sexist constraints on American politics ensures those limitations can derail democracy again. 

  • How Jimmy Carter Kept Me Sane

    by Jonathan Alter

    "I wrote my Carter biography during the toxic Trump years. The Georgian’s kindness and honesty are an inspiration for me and should be for America, too."

  • Will Muting Trump and Biden Save the Presidential Debates?

    by Tizoc Chavez

    Americans deserve better from the Presidential debates; if the Commission on Presidential Debates can't find a way to elevate substance over style, it should step aside for another organization to meet this civic function. 

  • Frontline: Whose Vote Counts?

    Jelani Cobb investigates the Wisconsin primary election as a lens onto the ongoing struggle to protect voting rights. 

  • Labor Pulse: Is This Election Labor's Last Chance?

    by Jim Castagnera

    The election presents organized labor with a choice between a death sentence and a reprieve that will prove temporary unless unions can put their needs at the center of a Biden presidency's priorities. 

  • A Star-Spangled Moment of Reckoning for U.S. Civil-Military Relations?

    by Gregory D. Foster

    The "deal" between the military and civilian leadership has hinged on an exchange of obedience to lawful authority by the military for expectations of honesty, competence, and respect for the Constitution on the part of elected leaders. This deal has been taken for granted, until now. 

  • Joe Biden Is Setting A Record That No One Has Noticed

    by David O. Stewart

    Joe Biden has been on the national ticket as a candidate three times, a distinction shared by both great and mediocre figures in American history. If he's victorious, he'd become one of only 6 people to win three times.