Ben Sasse

  • Florida's College Presidents Should Speak Up or Quit

    by Robert Birnbaum

    A former top executive at a public university says that few circumstances justify college presidents breaking silence on public policy. One is when politicians interfere with the work of professionals when it comes to the content of research and teaching. If Florida's public college presidents can't speak out, they should resign. 

  • The Inexcusable Silence of Florida's College Presidents

    by Brian Rosenberg

    Florida's public college presidents have made it clear that they intend to keep out of sight as the governor attacks the independence of the state's higher education system, even as the very idea of the universities they run is being undermined. 

  • Sasse Visit to U of Florida Dogged by Protests

    Sasse was cagey about his thoughts on legislation like Florida's "Stop WOKE" act and suggested he would be vigilant against "indoctrination" in the classroom. Faculty questioned his commitment to tenure and student protesters decried what they saw as a partisan political appointment. 

  • Higher Ed Reacts to Ben Sasse's U of Florida Presidential Prospects

    Supporters have praised Sasse's vision for transforming higher education institutions, while detractors have questioned whether he is interested in resisting or enabling the politicization of Florida's universities and whether he's familiar enough with high-level research universities.