LGBTQ history

  • Tracing AIDS-Driven Cultural Production Across Generations

    by Mackenzie Lukenbill

    The collected papers of AIDS educator and activist Chloe Dzubilo stand as a "counter-archive," which does not just preserve a record of the past but makes it a trigger for thought and action in the present. 

  • It's Time to Be Honest About the Partisan Nature of Gun Culture

    by Heather Cox Richardson

    "The national free-for-all in which we have 120 guns for every 100 people... is deeply tied to the political ideology of today’s Republican Party. It comes from the rise of Movement Conservatism under Ronald Reagan."

  • Reactionary Media are Fueling Anti-LGBTQ Violence

    by Ben Miller

    When the media give a platform to the idea that trans people living in public inherently encourages sexual abuse, violence aimed at removing them from the public will follow. The media need to take responsibility for Colorado Springs and call out icitement to violence. 

  • Transgender Youth Have Doubters. They Also Have History

    by Pax Attridge

    Opponents of gender-affirming medical intervention for trans youth invoke "transtrendiness" or social influence to claim that they're protecting youth from impulsively making medical decisions based on peer pressure. To accept this belief is to ignore the historical presence of transgender youth. 

  • Mormon Support for Same-Sex Marriage isn't a Total Surprise

    by Benjamin E. Park

    A historian of the Latter Day Saints explains that the church has become more willing to tolerate general expansions of rights for LGBTQ Americans at the same time as it reserves the right to dictate sexual mores within its own ranks. 

  • From Persecution to Pride: The Pink Triangle Symbol

    by Jake Newsome

    2022 is the worst year on record for anti-LGBTQ legislation in America, making the historical persecution of sexual minorities even more important to remember. 

  • "A League of Their Own" Update Engages Lives of Queer Women in the 1940s

    by Lauren Gutterman

    "The series’ portrait of queer life amid World War II might seem unrealistic to some, but history reveals that queer women and trans men — from butch to femme and married to unmarried — often found opportunities to act on their desires and build queer communities."

  • Against Queer Presentism—How Literary Studies Neglects the Archive

    by Colton Valentine

    LGBTQ writers in today's literary world too often operate on the presumption that they are the first to experience queerness openly, making their own experiences of repression seem universal and transhistorical, and effacing older fictional and critical voices. 

  • Doctors Who? The Radical History of DIY Transition

    by Jules Gill-Peterson

    As trans people's access to the medical system is under attack by law and political rhetoric, it may be necessary to revisit the history of trans women taking their gender transitions into their own hands. 

  • Inside the Proposed National "Don't Say Gay" Bill

    Modeled on legislation in Florida and other states, proponents say the legislation, a priority if Republicans retake the House, will protect children. Critics say its intention is to marginalize LGBTQ Americans.