• 9/11's Memorials and the Politics of Historical Memory

    by Marita Sturken

    Major 9/11 memorials try to fix the public memory on a moment of national unity that, 20 years later, seems illusory. Other memorials point the way to using the force of memory to encourage critical reflection on nationalism.

  • Felix Hall Remembered 80 Years After Ft. Benning Lynching

    "This month — more than eight decades after Private Hall’s death — a plaque at Fort Benning was dedicated in his memory. But major details about his death remain unclear. Officials have been accused of failing to fully investigate what happened, and no one was ever charged."

  • Chattanooga Struggles to Heal the Scars of a Lynching

    by Peter Canellos

    "In a time of mistrust along racial lines, the initiative in Chattanooga is a model for other communities. It demonstrates that agreed-upon facts can be a precursor to recovery."

  • Army to Memorialize Black Soldier Lynched on Georgia Base 80 Years Ago

    “To be lynched as you’re in service to the United States Army?” said Richard Liebert, a retired Army officer who trained at Fort Benning in the 1970s and ’80s. Liebert, who is White, has for the past five years pressed the Army to recognize this young soldier.

  • How a Detective Who Was Blamed for One Lynching Solved Another

    Wilbur Williams was suspended for a 1976 incident of police brutality that evidence shows he wasn't involved in, and butted heads with the Mobile, Alabama political establishment. In 1981, he led a contentious investigation that led to the conviction of KKK members for a lynching that nearly tore the city apart. 

  • White Terrorism: From Post-Civil-War Lynchings to the Present

    by Walter G. Moss

    The Capitol riots of January 6 echoed elements of mob lynchings in the participants' binary us/them view of society, a conservative white Protestant religious culture, and a willingness to accept rumor and conspiracy as justifications for their actions.

  • The Real Story of the ‘Draft Riots’

    by Elizabeth Mitchell

    "The story of the merchants’ response to the so-called Draft Riots is a reminder that we can all do more if we don’t want the lives of more Black people to be marred by cruelty."

  • Website Documents Over 700 Lynchings in Texas

    Jeff Littlejohn of Sam Houston State University has launched a website to make accessible information about more than 700 documented lynchings in the state of Texas. 

  • Georgia’s New Senators will Write the Next Chapter in Black-Jewish Relations

    by Jeff Melnick

    The history of the Leo Frank trial and lynching shows that, while both groups have faced prejudice and discrimination, "the glory of Black-Jewish relations has always been more aspirational than achieved." Georgia's two new senators have a chance to advance a coalition for progress and equity.