• Alabama's Capitol is a Crime Scene, with a 120 Year Coverup

    The Alabama Capitol in Montgomery was the first seat of the Confederate government and the place where white Democrats ratified a Jim Crow constitution in 1901. You'd learn little of this by touring the museum-like building. 

  • Richmond's Lee Statue, other Confederate Memorials Could go to Black History Museum

    Marland Buckner, interim executive director of the Black History Museum, said in the release that his institution “takes very seriously the responsibility to manage these objects in ways that ensure their origins and purpose are never forgotten: that is the glorification of those who led the fight to enslave African Americans and destroy the Union.”

  • Virginia to Dismantle Lee Statue Plinth

    Outgoing Governor Ralph Northam will execute the removal of the pedestal and the transfer of the surrounding traffic circle to the City of Richmond before Glenn Youngkin succeeds him in office. 

  • The Man Who Conned the Confederacy

    Samuel Upham's trade in counterfeit Confederate bills started to cash in on the craze for war souvenirs. It's possible that the U.S. Government helped him improve his operation to destabilize the Confederate currency. 

  • Army Base Names Are Changing. But to What?

    “There is a lesson here,” said Wade Fowler, who was born and raised here and now runs a small barbecue joint. “Don’t name things after people.”

  • Remember, Lee Betrayed His Country

    by Walter Kamphoefner

    The removal of Robert E. Lee's statue in Richmond was a necessary step in the halting American version of Germany's Vergangenheitsbewältigung – facing the evils of the nation's past. 

  • Charles Blow: ‘The Lost Cause’ Is Back

    by Charles M. Blow

    "Republicans are on a political crusade to protect lore and lies. They know that many Americans, many of them their voters, will take a lie over guilt and atonement, every day of the week."