• The Balance of Power in 2021 Rests with Two Senators

    by Michael Landis

    The actions of pro-slavery northern "doughfaces" in Congress, led by Stephen Douglas of Illinois, helped to protect the expansion of slavery even as a national majority grew to oppose it. Today, Joe Manchin and Jon Tester will have to consider home state elections, their own conservative tendencies, and the fate of the Biden administration's policy agenda and act accordingly.

  • When Centrists Sounded Like Bernie

    by Ed Burmila

    If today’s centrist, establishment Democrats are unwilling to hear warnings coming from the left, perhaps they will heed their own advice from an earlier era.

  • Where Are the Moderates?

    by Joyce Lee Malcolm

    In tumultuous times like these, they have trouble gaining traction, as this example from the American Revolution shows.