culinary history

  • Black New Orleans Chefs Rewrite a Whitewashed, Tourist-Driven Culinary Narrative

    A group of chefs is working to highlight the role of African-descended people, including enslaved Black people, creoles, and Haitian migrants, in creating the city's cuisine; food scholar Zella Palmer emphasizes that culinary ability and knowledge was among the skills targeted by traffickers who brought west Africans to New Orleans. 

  • The Media Needs to Acknowledge the African American History in Barbecue

    by Adrian Miller

    As industry has reduced the labor intensity of barbecue and the media has made culinary celebrities, contemporary white chefs have supplanted the African American pitmasters who were once considered indispensable to the art.

  • Who Owns Uncle Ben?

    by Shane Mitchell

    "Why would anyone preserve a crop, no matter how flavorful and aromatic, with such a disturbing heritage?" Shane Mitchell examines why.