radical history

  • Staughton Lynd, 1929-2022

    by Rosemary Feurer

    Lynd was an academic and activist when those combinations were reviled as unbecoming of a professional, and he was blacklisted from the profession for his bold anti-war stance. He then made an impact as an activist for labor and against war. 

  • Mike Davis Forced Readers to Embrace Specificity

    by Gabriel Winant

    The recently deceased radical scholar never allowed the particularity of historical moments to disappear under theoretical abstraction, which made his work powerful and compelling. 

  • Mike Davis Could See the Future

    by Hua Hsu

    Often wrongly called a "prophet of doom," Mike Davis worked to show how digging up the past could point the way to a humane future. 

  • Mike Davis, 1946-2022

    by Jon Wiener

    "Mike hated being called “a prophet of doom.” Yes, LA did explode two years after City of Quartz; the fires and floods did get more intense after Ecology of Fear, and of course a global pandemic did follow The Monster at Our Door."

  • Ahmed White: How Capital Crushed the IWW

    Ahmed White's book on the IWW examines the effort to crush the radical union, and how the war on radical labor impacted free speech, political representation, and freedom of association. 

  • A Lesson in Humility and Justice

    by Imani Pery

    Margaret Burnham's study of lynching and of the legal sanction given to racist violence stands in a long tradition of African American intellectuals who have recognized the need to study society in order to change it. 

  • The Nation's Most Prolific Censor – So Far

    by Adam Hochshild

    Operating out of the same building that would later house the Trump International Hotel, Postmaster General Albert Burleson used control of the mails to crush countless publishers deemed subversive. Most of his legal tools are still on the books today. 

  • H. Chandler Davis Was a Moral Touchstone for Scholars on the Left

    by Alan Wald

    Blacklisted from American academe after defying a HUAC investigation at the University of Michigan, the mathematician (and the spouse of historian Natalie Zemon Davis) continued to teach and work as an activist in Canada until his recent death at 96. 

  • How the US Thwarted Radical Revolution in Mexico

    by Geraldo Cadava

    Kelly Lytle-Hernandez's new book examines the cross-border politics of the Mexican revolution and the role of elites on both sides in squelching a radical movement challenging elite rule in Mexico. 

  • Three Radical Black Women

    by Gerald Horne

    Esther Cooper Jackson, Louise Thompson Patterson and Dorothy Burnham should be remembered as exemplars of the struggle for comprehensive liberation in Black America, and of the role of Communists and other radicals in the long struggle for civil rights.