public schools

  • The Culture War on Public Education

    by Peter Greene

    The multifront culture war beseiging schools has one unifying principle: undermining trust in public schools so they can be privatized, without regard for the best interests of children. 

  • America's School Funding is Kleptocracy in Action

    by Esther Cyna

    The American system of funding schools largely through local property taxes contributes to inequalities both obvious and subtle that amount to legal dispossession of poor and minority students by denying them access to quality education. 

  • When Culture War Politics Consume School Boards, Basic Functions Suffer

    "there is a striking disconnect between the crises that have consumed school board meetings for well more than a year and the emergencies that teachers, nurses, custodians, secretaries and other staff members say they are facing when they show up at school each morning."

  • Can the Democrats Take Schools Out of Politics?

    by Michelle Goldberg

    Times Columnist Michelle Goldberg says that the CRT controversy is obscuring the ways that Virginia's public schools are part of a long political movement to undermine public schools that got a boost from the COVID pandemic. 

  • What’s at Stake in the Fight Over Reopening Schools

    by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

    In cities like Chicago, parents anxious to return children to school have blamed teachers' unions. The historian and New Yorker columnist argues that some proponents of reopening are using racial equity arguments in bad faith while ignoring the gross racial inequalities that characterized schooling-as-usual before the pandemic and the work of teachers' unions to fight it.