Colonial History

  • Breaking Up With Marilynne Robinson Over the Dark Side of Puritanism

    by Peter Laarman

    A minister and activist argues that the novelist and essayist's defense of the New England Puritans as prototypical human rights heroes ignores the very clear limits that historians have identified for Puritanism's conceptions of social belonging. 

  • Douthat: The War that Made Our World

    Columnist Ross Douthat argues that greater attention to the French and Indian War can support a view of history that embraces the complexity of the past without falling into simplistic patriotism or cynicism. 

  • A Master Historian at Work

    by George H. Nash

    The award-winning historian's reflections on the writing and teaching of history offer a master class in the scholar's art. 

  • Which Way to the City on a Hill?

    by Marilynne Robinson

    A brief history of John Winthrop and the misconceptions of "A City on a Hill".