• The Scars of Being Policed While Black (video)

    by Laurence Ralph

    Anthropologist and police violence researcher Laurence Ralph made the film above to explain exactly what it means to be policed in America today. It moves from my own experiences with racial profiling as a teenager to the horrific history of police torture in Chicago.

  • Policing the World (Review)

    by Andrew Lanham

    Since World War II, the United States has spread its style of policing—and police technology—around the world as a way to exert control. This link between modern policing and the national security state means they will have to be democratized together.

  • Building The Chicago Police State: A Review Of Occupied Territory

    by Davarian L. Baldwin

    "With scrupulous archival detail and sharp analytic focus, Occupied Territory shows how Chicago’s “powerful carceral machinery,” which present-day Black communities condemns for its under-protection and over-policing, was built in the early twentieth century." 

  • We Can End Qualified Immunity Tomorrow

    We need not wait for Congress or the Supreme Court to deny police officers qualified immunity when they violate constitutional rights. State attorneys general and city law departments can—and should—lead the charge themselves.

  • Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police

    by Mariame Kaba

    A police abolition activist argues that the long history of commissions set up to investigate police violence against civilans shows that the institution can't be reformed or regulated. 

  • Call Off the Dogs, Mr. Trump

    by Clive D.L. Wynne

    Domestic dogs have genetically determined capacities to bond with humans; this has historically made them frighteningly effective conduits for human hatreds and aggression.   

  • Defund the Police

    by Austin McCoy

    The emergence of a protest slogan is usually followed by struggles over its meaning; calls for defunding the police echo the contested slogan of "Black Power" in the 1960s.

  • Where Was Such Solidarity Two Weeks Ago?

    by Frederick Gooding, Jr.

    The author is skeptical of the sudden wave of "performative solidarity" by white individuals and corporate America. Ensuring that Black Lives matter will require solidarity in the long term.

  • Wanted: An End to Police Terror

    by Stuart Schrader

    Radical activists have long used the "Wanted" poster as a subversive strategy to advertise the crimes of police. The author asks if today's activists should move past a political rhetoric that accepts punishment and incarceration as necessary aspects of society.