• The Sectarian Element in Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

    by Knox Thames

    Despite a broadly common affiliation with Orthodoxy, Russian imperialism seeks to supplant the authority of Ukrainian Orthodox sects with a Russian Orthodoxy more aligned with Putin's regime. 

  • What the U.S. Can Learn from the History of Northern Ireland

    by Andrew Sanders

    British soldiers deployed to Northern Ireland in 1969 in an operation intended to be a temporary action to quell sectarian violence and inflammatory mob and police attacks on Catholic civil rights advocates. They remained until 2007, a lesson that American politicians should heed. 

  • Covering the Troubles in Northern Ireland

    by Ron Steinman

    I covered the Troubles in Northern Ireland for NBC News for four years, from the summer of 1969 until 1973. Even as a journalist with significant experience covering conflict, I knew I was in for a new ride.