national defense

  • Not Your Grandfather's Military-Industrial Complex

    by Ben Freeman and William D. Hartung

    Eisenhower warned of the power of the military and industry to shape America's priorities and warp society in their own interests. He had no idea of how bad it could get. 

  • Peace is Not Our Profession

    by William J. Astore

    The unveiling of the newest stealth bomber underscores the fundamental insanity and cruel wastefulness of the policy of peace through nuclear deterrence, argues a historian and retired USAF lieutenant colonel. 

  • History Exposes the Problem with Biden’s Defense Secretary Nominee

    by Grant Golub

    World War II demonstrated the need for strong civilian control over a military divided between multiple armed service branches, both to guide strategy and to ensure the ultimate authority of the President over the military. The nomination of a recently-retired Army general for Secretary of Defense departs from that tradition.