domestic labor

  • Dorothy Pitman Hughes’s Activism Offers a Solution for the Coronavirus Gender Gap

    by Laura L. Lovett

    Dorothy Pitman Hughes' experience running a community childcare center highlighted not just the needs of working women, but the ways that childcare challenges were connected to all the big issues of the society. If we want a more just society today, Hughes' example and the COVID crisis show us where to look. 

  • Part of Being a Domestic Goddess in 17th-Century Europe Was Making Medicines

    Historians Sharon Strocchia, Stephanie Koscak, and Elaine Leong offer insight into the roles of women in producing and administering medicine in the early modern period, both in domestic and public settings. The subject may receive increased attention through a digitization project of the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington. 

  • The Lockdown Showed How the Economy Exploits Women. She Already Knew

    Silvia Federici's critique of the exploitatitve nature of domestic labor as the backbone of capitalist economies is beginning to gain traction as homes are converted to schools and (paid) workplaces, compounding gendered burdens borne mostly by women in America. 

  • The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism

    by Helen Lewis

    When people note that Shakespeare and Newton did some of their best work while England was ravaged by the plague, there is an obvious response: Neither of them had child-care responsibilities.