colleges and universities

  • A Fraught Balancing Act

    Questions of free speech and incitement, plus the demonstrable falsity of many claims made by pro-Trump student activist groups, makes for complicated choices for university administrators who may decide on disciplinary actions against students believed to incite violence. 

  • College Cuts in the Green Mountain State

    by Dan Chiasson

    "Data-driven" decisions to cut programs in the humanities are based in unstated assumptions of value that point to a troubling direction in higher education. 

  • ‘Never Waste a Good Pandemic’

    "Robert J. Ferry, associate professor of history and chair of Boulder’s Faculty Assembly, said that he hadn’t been involved in any discussions about the proposal thus far but that future consideration 'needs to have full involvement of the faculty'."

  • Hit by COVID-19, Colleges Do the Unthinkable and Cut Tenure

    College administrators have invoked financial exigency to make radical revisions to the tenure protections enjoyed by faculty and diminish the faculty role in campus governance. The American Association of University Professors calls it a crisis.

  • What Does African American Studies Need to Thrive?

    A recent eruption of dissention in UCLA's African American Studies department arguably reflects the strains caused by poor institutional support by the university, an issue faced by Black Studies departments on many campuses.

  • The Outrage Peddlers Are Here to Stay

    Campus Reform seeks to "stoke outrage at ‘liberal’ professors, with the political intent of creating a viral sensation that circulates through a highly partisan right-wing media ecosystem, and into the broader public discussion,” says Isaac Camola, a political science professor who has been active in organizing professors who are targeted by outrage campaigns.

  • Public Colleges and Universities Need Federal Relief

    by F. King Alexander

    Without additional stimulus, further state disinvestment is imminent, significantly limiting accessible and affordable educational opportunities for students across America.

  • Why Some Stanford Professors Want the Hoover Institution Gone

    Ill-informed and arguably dangerous pronouncements about COVID-19 made by fellows of Stanford's Hoover Institution have brought longstanding tensions between the conservative think tank and the university's faculty to the surface. 

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities are Remaking American Politics

    by Crystal R. Sanders

    The 2020 presidential election has debunked the myth that historically Black colleges do not prepare students to work in white-dominated institutions, and demonstrated that HBCUs have prepared their alumni to change the world one precinct, one county and one state at a time.