colleges and universities

  • What Will Post-Roe Campuses Be Like?

    Student life and mental health, gender equity, medical school curricula, and faculty recruitment are just some of the areas of change likely if some states are able to ban abortion. 

  • The Delicate Balancing Act of Black College Presidents in the Civil Rights Era

    by Eddie R. Cole

    Although Black college presidents were often reluctant to publicly endorse sit-ins for fear of antagonizing segregationist state officials, they often were able to increase opportunity for individual students by lobbying for increases to public scholarship funds that sent Black students out of state to pursue degrees.

  • Avoiding Racial Justice at Alabama

    by Antar Tichavakunda

    The University of Alabama's initial decision to add desegregation pioneer Autherine Lucy's name to a building already honoring a former governor and Klansman was a PR blunder, but it sheds light on the way that universities typically use symbolic changes to sidestep demands for systemic reform.

  • SCOTUS Could Kill off Affirmative Action with Devastating Results

    by Keisha N. Blain

    Affirmative action policies have always aimed at changing the nation's long history of racially unequal education; that's why they've faced militant opposition all along, and why a conservative Supreme Court wants to destroy them. 

  • Will SCOTUS Take the Opportunity to Ban Race-Conscious Admissions?

    A veteran higher education lawyer says that dire predictions that the Supreme Court will ban race-based affirmative action in admissions; narrowly-tailored diversity initiatives may survive despite the court's broad conservative majority. 

  • Columbia Has Lost Its Way

    The university's negotiations with its graduate student workers' union show an institution organized around the values of a corporation. 

  • A New Force in American Labor: Academics

    A member referendum in the United Auto Workers could make the union more amenable to direct democracy, and potentially make academic workers a major power bloc in the union. 

  • Rutgers Gets Mixed Results in Examining Connections to Slavery

    "Just five years after the debut of the Scarlet and Black Project—a reference to the university’s colors as well as the African Americans directly impacted by the history—many Rutgers students are unaware of the work, or their school's history."

  • Replacing Sentiment with Action: Support HBCUs

    by Brian M. McGowan

    "Until the discipline is ready to recognize HBCUs, our faculty, and our students as equal participants, its statements on diversity and empathy for students of color will remain conditional."