Kyle Rittenhouse

  • Does Rittenhouse Show America's Crossed a Rubicon?

    by Jim Sleeper

    Do those applauding Kyle Rittenhouse's acquittal understand the chaos that could be unleashed when (not if) armed vigilante squads feel invited to show up not just at protests but at polling places? 

  • Kyle's Tears

    by Joe Lowndes

    Kyle Rittenhouse's demeanor at trial shows the difficulty of his case; he presents a figure that normalizes and sanitizes the violent core of the vigilante movement he represents.

  • Kyle Rittenhouse is an American

    by Patrick Blanchfield

    "The impulse to reconstruct that night’s chaos as though watching a 21st century Rashomon, is a trap."

  • In Rittenhouse Trial, Language Matters

    by Felicia Angeja Viator

    Kyle Rittenhouse's trial evokes the 1943 "Zoot Suit Riots," when white vigilantes, including uniformed servicemen, beat Mexican American youth in Los Angeles and other cities. The courts contributed to exonerating the vigilantes by repeating the language of a moral panic that characterized the victims as "gangsters" and hoodlums.