Patrick Henry

  • Hawley's Use of Fake Patrick Henry Quote a Revealing Error

    The Senator's tweet repeating a false quotation that asserted the United States had an explicitly Christian founding is more than a case of being suckered by online misinfomation; it reflects his Christian nationalist politics. 

  • Why Did Madison Write the Second Amendment?

    by Carl T. Bogus

    Understanding the political peril that ensnared both the pre-ratification Constitution and James Madison himself makes it clear that the Second Amendment was written to ensure that southern state militias would be sufficiently armed to suppress slave revolts even if abolitionists controlled Washington. 

  • Patrick Henry and the Defense of Democracy

    by John A. Ragosta

    Patrick Henry has become a hero of the Tea Party and the January 6 insurrectionists. But his famous demand for liberty or death doesn't capture his personal commitments to liberty under the rule of law and acceptance of the outcomes of elections.