• Selling Hope

    by Wendy A. Woloson

    After a cancer diagnosis, the author still couldn't escape a world of consumerism that relentlessly commodifies even the worst experiences.

  • How Black People Learned Not to Trust Public Health

    Times Columnist Charles M. Blow looks to scholars including historian Jim Downs to examine mistrust among Black Americans of a potential COVID vaccine; medical authorities have abused the trust and violated the consent of Black patients too often in the past for those fears to be dismissed out of hand. 

  • The Troubling History of a Black Man's Heart

    by Chip Jones

    What Virginia doctors saw as a triumphant achievement was a devastating indictment of medical racism and institutional disregard for the dignity of a Black man and his family.

  • The Puritans Were America's First Anti-Vaxxers

    by Peter Manseau

    The anti-vaccine movement today is not solely a religious in character, but much of its rhetoric is identical to theological arguments made against inoculation more than three hundred years ago.