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Zografia Polemikos

  • Originally published 04/17/2013

    Gun Control

    Duration:  One 35-45 minute lesson.Goal:Students will understand the topic of gun control and express their opinions through a RAFT assignment. Students will participate in a lock down drill and understand the procedures.Objectives:By completing a RAFT assignment, students will identify the two major positions on gun control.Essential Question: How can gun violence be reduced?Procedures:Attention Getter:  Tell students that in 2012 alone, almost 450 people in Chicago died from something. Have them guess what it could be. After a few guesses have been made, tell students that these deaths were from gun violence. (For more information, see this article from the Chicago Sun-Times)Main Lesson:

  • Originally published 02/27/2013

    Social Security

    Download this lesson plan as a Word documentDuration:  One 35-45 minute lesson.Goal:Students will understand the modern political issues associated with Social Security.Objectives:By completing a written response at the end of the lesson, students will be able to show understanding of political issues associated with Social Security.Students will participate in a Social Security simulation.Essential Question: What are the financial problems with Social Security?NCSS Themes:Theme 10- Civic Ideals and PracticesProcedures:Attention Getter: 

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