• Life After the Mines

    A long read examines the social disruption that ensues when coal companies close shop and abandon the communities that have grown around mining work for decades and generations. 

  • Khadija Patel: The Unexamined Massacre of the Marikana Miners

    Khadija Patel is a journalist and columnist with The Daily Maverick, an online publication based in Johannesburg, South Africa.Fifty three years to the day of the Sharpeville massacre, when police gunned down 69 people outside a police station south of Johannesburg, it's a national holiday in South Africa. Like other countries, we have successfully confined the horrors of our past to museums and national holidays. Few complain about a day off. But the brutality, mindless violence, injustice and oppression that catalysed into the Sharpeville massacre is still echoed in the experience of South Africans to this day.