• On Labor Day, Think of Bread and Roses

    by William Lambers

    On Labor Day, remember the demands of striking textile workers in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Working people deserve more than bare subsistence; they're entitled to dignity and pleasure too.

  • These Young Socialists Think They Have Courage. They Don’t.

    by Mitchell Abidor

    If Mr. Trump is re-elected, many DSA members could spend the next four years suffering little more than the pangs of political outrage. But millions of less fortunate people would suffer real consequences.

  • Responses to an ‘Open Letter to the New New Left’

    The Nation publishes two critical responses to the recent "Open Letter to the New New Left," which criticized a perceived unwillingness by young leftists to unite around Joe Biden's candidacy to defeat Donald Trump. 

  • So What if They Made the Trains Run on Time?

    by Rafael Medoff

    Sen. Bernie Sanders’s praise for some policies of the Cuban and Soviet regimes speaks to a broader question that has long attracted public interest: Should our view of authoritarian governments be affected by the fact that their trains run on time?

  • How Socialist is Bernie Sanders?

    The self-proclaimed democratic socialist Bernie Sanders’s rise in a time of political upheaval, the historian Michael Kazin argues, is less shocking than people think.

  • Bernie Sanders, Social Democracy, and Democratic Socialism

    by Gary Dorrien

    Sanders conceives democratic socialism as the fitting name for his belief that a living wage, universal healthcare, a complete education, affordable housing, a clean environment, and a secure retirement are economic rights. These six economic rights come from Franklin Roosevelt’s 1944 Economic Bill of Rights.

  • Capitalism Versus Socialism: Did Capitalism Really Win?

    by Walter G. Moss

    The main task of voters in 2020 and thereafter will not be to choose whether we want capitalism or democratic socialism. Rather, it will be to decide the best pragmatic mix of the two (and best presidential candidate) to further the common good.