• Julius S. Scott, Author of "The Common Wind" Dies at 66

    “As a young African-American, I noticed other Black athletes from Africa, the Caribbean and South America, and I thought about their relationship to Afro-North Americans, and what were some of the important vehicles of communication between Black people in different parts of the Americas."

  • Colin Morris, 1928-2021

    Colin Morris identified the beginnings of the concept of individualism two centuries earlier than had previously been believed, part of a career of groundbreaking scholarship on the Middle Ages. 

  • In Memoriam: Robert Divine, 1929-2021

    by H.W. Brands and Mark Atwood Lawrence

    Two University of Texas colleagues pay tribute to the scholarly, teaching, and personal contributions of the late Robert Divine to the field of diplimatic history. 

  • Phil Schaap, Grammy-Winning Jazz D.J. and Historian, Dies at 70

    “They say I’m a history teacher,” he said in a video interview for the National Endowment for the Arts, which this year named him a Jazz Master, the country’s highest official honor for a living jazz figure, but he viewed his role differently. “I teach listening.”