• Anne Frank's Next Diary Entries

    by Bernice Lerner

    When I was a teenager, I imagined that Anne Frank was at my mother’s 15th birthday party. After all, they were the same age and they were both in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. How did I arrive at such a phantastic conflation?

  • Texas District Removes Graphic Version of Diary of Anne Frank

    “It’s disgusting. It’s devastating. It’s legitimate book banning, there’s no way around it,” Laney Hawes, a parent of four children in the Keller district, told JTA about the order. “I feel bad for the teachers and the librarians.”

  • A Legend of Innocence

    by Daniel Solomon

    Both the French left and right are impeding the teaching of how 75,000 French Jews were turned over to the Nazis. 

  • The Back Channel Between Pius XII and Hitler

    by David I. Kertzer

    The Vatican has only just now released documents about secret and sensitive negotiations between the Nazi leader and the Holy See, in which the Vatican agreed to temper criticisms of Nazism's pagan elements in exchange for ceasing investigation of sex crimes by priests.

  • Can the Past be Repaired?

    by Sophie Gonick

    Menachem Kaiser's memoir of attempts to reclaim a Polish building lost by his Jewish grandfather during World War II raises questions about the right to property as parts of historical memory, and the problematic aspects of seeking reparation through restoration of ownership.

  • What Zelensky Gets Wrong about the Holocaust in Ukraine

    by Jeffrey Veidlinger

    The Ukrainian president has overreached in comparing the invasion of his country to the Holocaust in an appeal to Israeli leaders to take action against Russia, and invoked only the Ukrainians who resisted Nazi extermination of Jews. 

  • Holocaust Echoes in Ukraine Conspiracy Theories

    by Rafael Medoff

    Some reactions to the news coverage of horrors visited on civilians echo excuses and minimization of Nazi violence against Jews, including claims that the stories are part of a campaign of emotional manipulation. 

  • The History of the Holocaust Site Recently Struck by a Russian Missile

    by Jeffrey Veidlinger

    The memorialization of the Nazi killing field at Babi Yar near Kyiv has long been entangled with the competing versions of history favored by communists, Ukrainian and Russian nationalists, and the descendants of Jews, Roma, and other victims of wartime massacres.