University of Virginia

  • Jefferson's Other Legacy: Religious Liberty

    by Cameron Addis

    Thomas Jefferson's critics have pointed out his ownership of slaves as reason to question his continued relevance as a symbol of freedom. But his commitment to religious liberty helped to prevent violent sectarian conflict and should be honored. 

  • University of Virginia establishes a new Civil War center

    The new center will deepen its engagement in this broadening field and will expand research opportunities for students, faculty and other scholars. The opening of the new John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History was celebrated Friday with a public opening ceremony.

  • James Sterling Young, oral historian, dies at 85

    James Sterling Young, who established the country’s only program dedicated to compiling comprehensive oral histories of the American presidency, and who also amassed a vast oral history of Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s career, died on Aug. 8 at his home in Advance Mills, Va. He was 85.His death was announced by the Miller Center at the University of Virginia, which studies politics, policy and the presidency. The center houses the Presidential Oral History Program, of which Professor Young was the founder and longtime chairman.An award-winning historian of 19th-century American politics, Professor Young, who retired in 2006, was at his death an emeritus professor of government and foreign affairs at Virginia. He was previously a faculty member and administrator at Columbia University....

  • UVa's Miller Center announces fellows for 2013-2014

    The University of Virginia’s Miller Center has named nine promising young scholars as 2013–14 Miller Center national fellows. Each fellow will receive a one-year $22,000 grant to support research and writing as they complete dissertations on the history of U.S. politics, foreign policy, and global politics. Each fellow will also be guided by a “dream mentor,” a leading scholar in their field, and take part in workshops to learn how to reach a broader audience with their scholarship. The 2013–14 Miller Center fellows are: Laura Blessing, Politics, University of Virginia “The New Politics of Taxation: The Republican Party and Anti-Tax Positions” Sean Beienburg, Politics, Princeton University “Constitutional Resistance in the States, 1880–2010” Rebecca Brubaker, International Politics, University of Oxford “From the Un-Mixing to the Re-Mixing of Peoples: Understanding U.S.-Led Support for Minority Returns Following the Ethnic Conflict in Bosnia” Brent Cebul, History, University of Virginia

  • Profs get ready for tens of thousands of students in online courses

    University of Virginia history professor Philip Zelikow stands by the statue of the “Bird Man,” as many on Grounds call it, and tells who the statue represents and how the sculptor interpreted the man’s story. Zelikow describes the statue as a symbol of how the world entered the modern age after World War I.His lesson is part of the video that introduces his massive open online course, or MOOC. “The Modern World: Global History Since 1760” debuts today on Coursera, an online education company started last year by two Stanford University professors.Zelikow, the White Burkett Miller Professor of History, is one of five U.Va. professors teaching the first group of MOOCs this semester, who have been working hard to make interesting videos and adapt educational materials to virtual classrooms full of unprecedented numbers of students.U.Va. is among 33 universities whose faculty are offering courses through Coursera. More than 2 million people around the world have signed up for the classes....