University of Mississippi

  • Faculty, We Have Met the Enemy, and it is Us

    by Henry Reichman

    The outgoing chair of the AAUP's Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure argues that events at the University of Mississippi are a warning that shared governance won't protect faculty unless they exercise it diligently. 

  • AHA Issues Letter Expressing Concern Regarding Termination of History Professor (December 2020)

    The AHA sent a letter to the chancellor and provost of the University of Mississippi expressing concern about the university’s decision not to renew the contract of Garrett Felber, assistant professor of history, and the possibility that Professor Felber’s activism relating to racism and incarceration might have affected a decision on his employment status.

  • His University Celebrated His Success. Then It Fired Him

    Historian Walter Johnson says the Garrett Felber controvery at the University of Mississippi reflects the fact that “there are a lot of energetic, critical activists, students and faculty on that campus, who are trying to hold the university to a different standard than that which it’s been held to before.” 

  • Outspoken Out of a Job?

    Scholars pledge not to speak at University of Mississippi until it reinstates a colleague who publicly questioned why his chair rejected a grant, allegedly for political reasons.

  • Letters from Civil War donated to Ole Miss

    Richard Bridges seemed like a typical college kid in his letters home: He tells his family he may need more money and definitely more clothes, talks about hanging out with old friends from home and sounds a little homesick at times.Through his letters, this one-time University of Mississippi student has returned to the Oxford campus 150 years later.Mike Martin of Madison, his sister Pat Owen of Rankin County and two of their cousins in Memphis — Bridges’ great-great nephews and nieces — recently donated to the university the 27 letters that Bridges wrote when he served in the University Greys, the unit organized by students to fight in the Civil War....