Native American history

  • "Indigenous Continent" Seeks Shakeup of American History

    by Sean T. Byrnes

    Pekka Hämäläinen seeks to frame the history of North America in terms of the indigenous peoples who settled the continent before the arrival of Europeans and, crucially, continued to dominate the continent into the nineteenth century. 

  • Native Wikipedians Fight Back against Erasure of Indigenous History

    by Kyle Keeler

    While the internet is often seen as a hotbed of revisionism and "political correctness," Wikipedia editors who seek the inclusion of indigenous perspectives on American history often are stymied by resistant editors and the platform's rules, which discount the reliability of new, critical scholarship. 

  • Podcast: The Battle for the American West

    H.W. Brands, Lori Daggar and Lindsay Robertson join National Constitution Center President Jeffrey Rosen to discuss new perspectives on the histories of conquest in the American west. 

  • Haaland v. Brackeen: The Case that Could Break Native Sovereignty

    by Rebecca Nagle

    "The U.S. has been passing laws that treat tribes and tribal citizens differently from non-Native citizens since the founding of the republic. If that is unconstitutional, the entire legal structure defending the legal rights of Indigenous nations could crumble."

  • OAH, AHA File Joint SCOTUS Brief in Case Affecting Indigenous Adoption and Family Rights

    "If the court strikes down the ICWA in whole or in part, the decision could have devastating impacts on Native American families and, potentially, on federal Indian law writ large. Resuming the practice of Native child removal would cause active harm to Native families as well as jeopardize the future sovereignty of tribal governments.

  • Which Native Land are You On?

    "Native Land Digital, an Indigenous-led nonprofit based in Canada, is working to facilitate such conversations and document this history including by putting together a searchable map of Native territories, languages and treaties."

  • Will a Cherokee Nation Delegate be Seated in Congress?

    Even without a vote in Congress, Delegates can use the privileges of their position to make a difference. Kimberly Teehee's potential seating as the Cherokee Nation's delegate would create a dedicated voice for Native issues. 

  • Pekka Hamalainen's Ambitious Book Reinforces Some Old Myths (Review)

    by Ned Blackhawk

    The new book shows the complexity of territorial conflict between settler and indigenous groups, but by ending in 1890, it punts on the task of explaining how the conflict ended resoundingly in favor of the settlers and their ideas of territory, law and power. 

  • What Must Be Done with Native Remains in Texas's Big Bend Region?

    Byron Schroeder ran into difficulty tracking down the story of a commerical artifact digging operation on private land. Past participants were reticent because, in addition to artifacts, some had removed human remains. The story highlights the divides between academic and amateur archaeologists and the ethics of digs.