foreign policy

  • Fishing, Not Catching, in the History of the Law

    by John Fabian Witt

    John Fabian Witt writes about a critical exchange over Samuel Moyn's book on humanitarian war, and questions Moyn's conception of the relationship between a scholar's politics and their methodology. 

  • The Winner in Afghanistan? China

    by Alfred McCoy

    While the similarities between the American exits from Vietnam and Afghanistan are superficially obvious, the differences are more significant, and signal a steep decline in America's ability to influence world affairs. 

  • Did 9/11 Change the United States?

    A group of foreign policy experts including historian Stephen Wertheim explain how the United States has changed since the 9/11 attacks. 

  • America Is Giving the World a Disturbing New Kind of War

    by Samuel Moyn

    The adoption of rhetoric of "humane war" after Vietnam has allowed discussions of how to wage war to sideline discussions of whether to wage war at all, and encourages secrecy, surveillance, and long-term engagement. 

  • Review: The Case Against "Humane War"

    by Daniel Bessner

    Samuel Moyn's book "Humane" pushes for policymakers and intellectuals to focus less on the strategy of warfare and more on whether war should be fought, a crucial step to reestablishing peace as the goal of international relations and American foreign policy.

  • The New Era of American Power

    by Adam Tooze

    The dominant position of American financial interests and the still-escalating Pentagon budget, focusing on technological dominance over China, mean that it's too soon to celebrate the end of American interventionism abroad. 

  • America's Military is Too Big

    by Jeremy Suri

    The war in Afghanistan is much more than a failed intervention. It is stark evidence of how counterproductive global military dominance is to American interests.

  • A Brief History of the "Isolationist" Strawman

    by Brandan P. Buck

    As the United States enters another round of agonizing soul searching after another lost war, Americans should learn the fraught political history of the "isolationist" label.

  • End the Imperial Presidency

    by Stephen Wertheim

    Congress has not issued a declaration of war since Pearl Harbor. President Biden should force Congress to shoulder its constitutional duty by withdrawing troops from any conflict in six months unless Congress debates and formally declares war. 

  • The Deeper Crisis Behind the Afghan Rout

    by Walter Russell Mead

    "Neither the past two decades nor the past two weeks demonstrate American wisdom or the efficacy of the byzantine bureaucratic ballet out of which U.S. policy emerges."