Jewish Americans

  • Is Holocaust Education Making Antisemitism Worse?

    by Dara Horn

    It's becoming clear that more lessons about the Holocaust won't address the problem of antisemitism in contemporary America, because it places both Jews and prejudice against them in another time and place. 

  • What You Need to Know About Captain America's Secret Identity

    by Roy Schwartz

    "You know the story: a young, undersized, aspiring artist from New York’s Lower East Side who loves his country and hates bullies uses a superhero persona to take on the Nazis and becomes a war hero. It’s the origin of Captain America. It’s also the origin of Jack Kirby, his co-creator."

  • Abraham Lincoln and the Shavuot Controversy of 1865

    The conflict between a national day of mourning declared for Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and the Jewish holiday commemorating God's revelation of the law to Moses (during which mourning is forbidden) reflects conflicting ideas of how Jews should balance observance and participation in civic life.

  • Angela Davis and the Jewish Civil War

    by Marc H. Ellis

    The Black-Jewish alliance, at least what’s left of it, faces a common challenge of how memorialization works and for whom. 

  • May is Jewish American Heritage Month

    What do Bob Dylan, J.D Salinger, Harrison Ford, Jon Stewart, Barbara Walters, Barbara Hersey, and Leonard Nimoy all have in common, aside from being awesome? They're all Jewish Americans. May is Jewish American Heritage Month, and this year's theme is American Jews in entertainment.(With apologies to William Shatner, who was born in Canada, and judging by his acting he's probably not kosher anyway.) Jewish American Heritage Month was established by presidential decree in 2006, after lobbying efforts by the Jewish Museum of Florida, the South Florida Jewish community, Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter (Fittingly, Manischewitz is one of the major corporate sponsors.)