• Woody Guthrie's Communism and "This Land Is Your Land"

    by Aaron J. Leonard

    The author of a new book on the FBI's surveillance of folk musicians argues that Woody Guthrie did join the Communist Party, though he was at odds with leadership over discipline. The affiliation is reflected in the lyrics of his most famous song. 

  • One of the Chicago 7 Reflects on Dissident Politics Then and Now

    by Lee Weiner

    A veteran of dissident politics in the 1960s warns that while today's broad coalition of activists for a more just and democratic America are on the right track, they must learn from the mistakes of an older generation and find ways to keep united despite difference. 

  • Overlooked No More: Valerie Solanas, Radical Feminist Who Shot Andy Warhol

    Solanas was a radical feminist (though she would say she loathed most feminists), a pioneering queer theorist (at least according to some) and the author of “SCUM Manifesto,” in which she argued for the wholesale extermination of men.

  • Protest, Passion, Politics (Review Essay)

    "As protests work to remake the world, the reissue of Vivian Gornick’s The Romance of American Communism invites a new generation to reflect on what it means to live a life of political commitment—where the passionate pursuit of justice meets organized political action," writes Alan Wald, a reviewer of classic work of left political activism.

  • Respectability and Remembrance: The Continued Condemnation of Black Resistance

    by Anne Stokes

    Addressing the full depth of racism and white supremacy in America requires understanding the limits of the non-violent civil rights movements, and the necessity of armed self-defense for African Americans against the violence perpetrated or instigated by whites — including the police — throughout American history.

  • The Politics of Mother's Day

    by Rebecca Jo Plant

    Credit: Wiki Commons.Growing up in the 1970s in suburban Kansas City, Mother’s Day meant rising early with my father and sister to make breakfast and speaking in hushed voices as we crept upstairs with a carefully prepared tray.  Or it meant being allowed to use a paring knife to gather a bouquet of tulips from the backyard garden.