• Who Controls the Curriculum in Florida?

    by Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn

    A federal court's ruling that Florida can't enforce it's "Stop WOKE" Act is a win for academic freedom, but not a total victory. Faculty must reassert the prerogative of setting curricular guidelines against administrators who see their role as serving the state. 

  • School Politics at the Center of DeSantis's Conservatism

    by Lauren Lassabe Shepherd

    Although contemporary conservatives tend to malign public schools and teachers, they are tapping into a long historical legacy in which widespread education was conditioned on the promise that schools would inculcate nationalism and the morality of conservative ruling elites. 

  • Miami Was Once a Model for Diversity Training—But it was Always Controversial

    by Catherine Mas

    Beginning in the 1970s, Miami-Dade County led the way in exploring ways to train health and human services professionals to interact with the area's diverse populations with respect and effective communication. The conflicts exploited by the "Stop WOKE" Act date back to this period. 

  • Florida's Arrests of Voters with Felony Convictions Echoes Post-Reconstruction Era

    Felon disenfranchisement dates back to Florida's first constitution in 1838; after Florida's voters approved a constitutional amendment, Governor Ron DeSantis's administration has instituted loopholes to prevent people from exercising that right and making public arrests that are likely to make many convicted Floridians think better of trying. 

  • Inside DeSantis's Efforts to Reshape Florida Universities

    Many conservative politicians have attacked universities to win votes. But close observers of higher ed in Florida say Governor Ron DeSantis is making real and consequential institutional changes that may establish more political control over colleges in the state. 

  • Southwest Florida's Overdevelopment Made Ian Worse

    by Zeke Baker

    Massive hydrological projects undertaken to make Southwest Florida's wetlands into developable agricultural land and then high-priced real estate removed the key buffers for coastal floods. Storms like Ian are a rebuke to the idea that humanity and commerce can bend nature to their will. 

  • The Historical Roots of "Florida Man"

    by Julio Capó, Jr. and Tyler Gillespie

    The internet meme "Florida Man" signals a caricature of the presumed recklessness and ignorance of the state's population. But these stories have a long history of justifying colonialism and profiteering in the Sunshine State, and stand in the way of progress today. 

  • The Academic Freedom Crisis at the University of Florida

    An investigation documents the way that academic freedom has been subordinated to the presumed interests of the State of Florida (as aggressively determined by the administration of Governor Ron DeSantis).