• Anti-CRT Legislation at Fever Pitch in States

    Suzanne Nossel of PEN America argues that legislation that dictates what can be taught is at "the top of the pyramid" in terms of the broad array of threats to free speech on campuses. 

  • CRT Not What You've Been Told, Florida Professor Tells Public

    Michael Butler, author of two books on the civil rights struggle in Florida, told an audience that the controversy was being stoked to prevent constructive public debate by folding all historical discussion of racism into a "frightening, dangerous, scary" term. 

  • Florida Bill Echoes Anita Bryant's Antigay Crusade in the 1970s

    Historians Lillian Faderman, Hugh Ryan and Julio Capó, Jr. trace the links between the Christian entertainer's claims that gay teachers threatened children and the effort to portray them as "groomers" for child abuse today. Also, video of Bryant being hit with a pie.

  • Florida's Law Restricting LGBTQ Discussion Will Harm All Children

    by Marie-Amélie George

    The long history of bills restricting discussion of LGBTQ issues shows that these bills reinforce stigma and marginalize queer students and contribute to homophobic rhetoric and violence outside the school walls. 

  • Florida Legislature Seeks Conservative Stamp on Higher Ed

    "National higher-education experts and faculty members in Florida say the legislation is part of an attack on bedrock principles that preserve the academic autonomy of faculty members and institutions."

  • What About Black Students' Discomfort?

    Post columnist Jonathan Capehart points out a flagrant oversight in the recent state bills to ban "uncomfortable" discussions of racism in history and social studies classes.