National Library of Medicine

  • History Matters at the National Library of Medicine

    by Jeffrey S. Reznick and Kenneth M. Koyle

    Historians are a vital part of the National Library of Medicine's ongoing work, conducting research with historians of medicine, supporting social science and humanities research, acquiring and interpreting materials from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and supporting public health work. 

  • National Library of Medicine launches new biomedical history blog

    The NLM's History of Medicine Division has launched a new blog, Circulating Now, to encourage greater exploration and discovery of one of the world's largest and most treasured history of medicine collections. Encompassing millions of items that span ten centuries, these collections include items in just about every form one can imagine—from books, journals, and photographs, to lantern slides, motion picture films, film strips, video tapes, audio recordings, pamphlets, ephemera, portraits, woodcuts, engravings, etchings, and lithographs. The NLM's historical collections also include items from the present day: born-digital materials and rich data sets—like the millions of records in its IndexCat database—that are ripe for exploration through traditional research methods and new ones that are emerging in the current climate of "big data" and the digital humanities.