• Is Oklahoma's Religious Charter School Good News for Secularists?

    by Jacques Berlinerblau

    Oklahoma recently approved the first publicly-funded religious charter school in the United States. Is it possible that this ambitious move will backfire when schools representing all denominations and faiths demand equal treatment? 

  • Civics Education is at Rock Bottom. We Can Raise it Back Up

    by Danielle Allen

    Both disinvestment in the civics curriculum and political fights over what to teach mean that US children learn little about the democratic process at all.  A new project aims to rebuild consensus about the need for civics and lay out guiding principles. 

  • American Students Deserve Better than the AP System

    Annie Abrams: "If we want to expand access to college, why aren’t we doing that by employing Ph.D.s? If we want to support high school teachers and strengthen curriculum, why aren’t we fostering collaboration? Instead, we’re outsourcing that work."

  • Why LAUSD Teachers Walked Out

    At the heart of the walkout of 60,000 education professionals is the reality that the school district's policies are keeping teachers and students in poverty that makes it harder to teach and learn, says a union official. 

  • Why Burned-Out Teachers are Heading for the Door

    America's teachers are a diverse group, and the sources of their frustration likewise. But it's clear that a flood of educators out of the profession is a risk for America's schools as the pandemic is being followed by political interference with curriculum and book selection. 

  • In Florida, the Question is WHOSE Parental Rights

    Although right-leaning "parental rights" groups have been prominent advocates for state legislation affecting how schools handle race and gender issues, it's clear that those groups don't represent all parents in the state. 

  • The Culture War on Public Education

    by Peter Greene

    The multifront culture war beseiging schools has one unifying principle: undermining trust in public schools so they can be privatized, without regard for the best interests of children. 

  • School Politics at the Center of DeSantis's Conservatism

    by Lauren Lassabe Shepherd

    Although contemporary conservatives tend to malign public schools and teachers, they are tapping into a long historical legacy in which widespread education was conditioned on the promise that schools would inculcate nationalism and the morality of conservative ruling elites. 

  • Disrupt the March of "Disruptive Innovation"

    by Kevin Gannon

    The economy of innovation and publicity in higher education often rewards people who claim credit for ideas over the people who work to develop, test, and implement them. Academia needs a collaborative model of innovation. 

  • The Selective Politics of the "Learning Loss" Debate

    by Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

    Discussions of the disruption to learning caused by COVID-related school closures often ignore the endemic inequalities in American education and exposure to harm from COVID, and sideline the voices of teachers who have been sounding the alarm about the dangerous state of their facilities for years.